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Dear Amy

Thanks for making our entire house a “happy place!”
S. Graham
December 22, 2015

Hi Amy!

I just want to take the time to thank you again for all of your help today. We accomplished way more than I thought would be possible! I am so pleased with the selections you chose and now I really am starting to get excited!
Thanks again! I am looking forward to working with you!
B. Crouch
February 13, 2015

Hi Amy,

Will send a check for the painting. The price is fine.

I am going to go with the hand stitch comforter.  I think the buttons might be too much.

Today was a great day.  I’m loving the house and Gary actually said he liked it.  You have done such a great job.  And I did enjoy talking with you.  Your funny.

Try not to work too hard this weekend and watch out for that darn puppy poop.. LOL

Have a great weekend.

S. Morris

May 29, 2015

Email to Amy Steedley


Good Morning Amy

Charlie and I want to thank you again for all your organizing so that we could leave town!  We

are pleased with all our choices and we know you helped to make them possible.  I am very

excited to see the finished product!  I’ll be looking forward to your emails!

J. Zange

May 6, 2015

Email to Amy D. Steedley

Hi Amy,

I do love the selections we made.  You were excellent in steering me to choices.

Thank you again,

L. Lehotsky

April 27, 2015

Good morning Amy,

I think the curtains in the nook and den will look great.  I do like the separate polls for the

curtains on the sliding glass door.  This is the most excited I have been since the first of

the year when I started this.  I just want to thank you for listening and learning what I like.

I really appreciate and I’m happy I found you.  So thank you for making me happy and excited to

get my home done.

S. Morris

April 22, 2015


Carolyn and I visited the new Beach Haven model this afternoon and we were really blown away.

The house itself is really fantastic but your interior design was the best we have seen.  We

loved every bit of it and told both the builders (who were both there gloating) that if we were

ever going to build another house I would just prefer to give you a budget and have you do it

yourself.  I would really love that.  I believe that the model will be a great selling point

for them.


D. Glazer

March 26, 2015


We are Very Pleased with the results!  Looking forward to the next step!

L. Konkowski

March 12, 2010

Letter to Amy D. Steedley

Hi Amy

Dave commented to me that he realized that he really enjoyed having a house that he could be

proud of…

L. Swanson

February 12, 2010

Email to Amy D. Steedley

Hi Amy

I like the way  you keep the ball rolling… but not too, too fast!

L. Konkowski

January 14, 2010

Letter to Amy D. Steedley

Hi Amy

I’m totally accustomed to the cornices and absolutely love them.  They are a big WOW-factor to

visitors… I’ve gotten a lot of raves of both the design and the material/colors.  Everyone

loves how the colors match and draw out the color of ‘the’ wall (and the nook).  And they are

amazed at how contemporary / modern the style is. I could go on, but you get the drift… you are

valued (and recommended) highly!

Take Care,

G. Dobyns

August 3, 2010

Email to Amy D. Steedley


It’s all coming together and looks so great.  Thanks, can’t wait to hear the comments from people when

they see the house now.  All credit goes to you.


V. Austin

July 17, 2010

Email to Amy D. Steedley

Hi Amy

The paint looks great!!  The gray is so elegant and such a sharp color against the bright white

ceiling and trim, and the mauve is soothing.  Of course, I can’t be responsible for anyone that

calls it “purple”.  Everyone raved about the tray ceiling… it’s absolutely beautiful!!  Many

kudos to you!!! I’m so glad I found you.  I’m sure I would’ve decided on a light ‘purple’-ish

color of all the walls and never would’ve known the difference, but with your help I’m really

excited about all the special touches and can’t wait to see the finished product.

I hope you had a good time at Market.

G. Dobyns

November 01, 2009

Email to Amy D. Steedley


I have printed out the information sheets and read through them quickly.  I am again impressed

with  your organization and attention to detail.  Looking forward to the next step and next


J. Springer

August 20, 2008

Email to Amy D. Steedley


Looked at your new sight, and you do great work.  Jill and I really enjoy our trips down to

Florida and your design made it a very comfortable and special place for us.  Thank you for

your help on this furniture matter; you’ve been a great help to us.

R. Totino

February 20, 2008

Email to Amy D. Steedley

Hi –

Amy just left having revisited with some really lovely fabrics for our project… I am truly very

pleased with the choices she presented and have picked a new one that won’t; make me break out

in a rash when I think of its cost.  Just wanted you to know that she really came through big

time… I told her I would let you know that she is doing a good job.. and I certainly didn’t

want to give anyone the impression she was not… Sweet girl.

J. Ingrey

March 13, 2009

Email to S. Horn (another A.D.S. Designs Client)

Hi Amy

First let me thank you for all your help.  It is hard to believe we are almost thru the

selection process for the construction of our house.  I drove home dreaming about the house and

in my mind visualizing all that we have selected together.  I am so pleased.  You have been

wonderful to work with and gently guided us thru the process.  You have made a very stressful

situation for me less stressful.


P. Capshaw

October 9, 2008

Email to Amy D. Steedley

Hi Amy

We just got back last night.  Everything looks wonderful; I am so pleased with it all!  You are

wonderful to get it all done including the arch above the fireplace, while we were away!  I had

just noticed the wet stain before we left when I was showing Dave what you would have to do to

install a shade, but had not had a chance to advise the builder, so thank you again for that as


J. McMaster

March 17, 2007

Letter to Amy D. Steedley

Hi Amy

I just had to tell you that my sister and brother-in-law loved our house.  But what they loved

the most was the way it was decorated.  If I had a dollar for every time they said how

beautifully it was appointed I’d be a rich lady.  They said you were worth every penny.  Don

and I agree.  We love our house!!! Thank you for being soooooo good at what you do.

J. Manlove

Febuary 26, 2007

Letter to Amy D. Steedley

Amy –

Our home is looking fantastic – just a few more finishing touches!  Thanks!

J. Heiden

February 19, 2007

Letter to Amy D. Steedley

Hi Amy

We would like you to go ahead with the fabric for the rug border –  I really think it is great!

Also, Chuck LOVED the ceiling faux idea for the Dining Room so we will talk more about that

when the columns are fauxed.  Our living space is really coming together thanks to all your

great ideas and persistence!  We appreciate your patience with us.  We look forward to having

the Master bedroom done soon – I’m sure we will be amazed when it all comes together.  Enjoy

your trip to the Atlanta Market.  Thanks again!

J. Heiden

January 6, 2007

Letter to Amy D. Steedley

Hi Amy,

Thanks for your note and for looking after the house while we were away.  Your advise and

council with regard to the kitchen and bathroom cabinetry is superb.  We’ve received lots of

complements from those of our friends who have seen your handiwork!!

Glenn and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!

D. Laury

December 19, 2006

Letter to Amy D. Steedley

Amy –

I wanted to thank you and your “glowing” assistant for spending time here today accessorizing.

I truly love what you have done.  I can’t wait to have some “get togethers” so I can show off

our home.  Thank you, Amy.  Happy Turkeyday!

J. Manlove

November 21, 2006

Letter to Amy D. Steedley

Hi Amy

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything!  Thank you for your help.  You are the best!!!!!  Have fun in

Sarasota.  Thank you for all you are doing next Tuesday.

J. Manlove

September 6, 2006

Letter to Amy D. Steedley


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for your brilliance today.  You came up

with a  lot of great ideas and I really feel much better that the house will come together –


G. Green

May 23, 2006

Letter to Amy D. Steedley


Thanks so much for all your help.  You have made what would surely have been a nightmare a fun

experience.  Have a great Thanksgiving.

J. O’Brien

November 25, 2005

Letter to Amy D. Steedley


We greatly enjoyed planning our new home with you and are very excited about all of our

choices.  You made such an ominous task easy and fun!  You have so many wonderful ideas to make

our house so special and we look forward to seeing the finished product.

R. and J. Bladel

November 21, 2004

Letter to Amy D. Steedley


We just wanted to thank you again for all of your help in designing our new home.  We are very

excited and feel that with your assistance we incorporated all of our favorite things from our

past homes.

R. and E. Sweeney

May 10, 2004

Letter to Amy D. Steedley


We have recently signed our Finer Points Contract with Coastal for our new condo.  For us this

was a complex and tedious process which was made easy by your Finer Points Coordinator, Amy

Steedley.  She walked us through some tough decisions we had to make and did it with patience

and professionalism.

What would we have done without Amy?  With her knowledge of the trades involved in our

selections her help in choosing colors, fixtures, tiles, etc.  made the process very easy; and

much of this was done at our convenience after normal business hours and even on weekend.

B. Alexion

October 31, 2003

Letter to President of Coastal Condominiums

Amy immediately and expertly took charge of the meeting for the purpose of helping us as

purchasers decide on all details of the interior of the unit.  My wife and I came away with a

feeling that we had received first class service from an obviously very competent professional

who made our experience a very positive one.  Having recently purchased another condominium in

South Florida, I can tell you that the differences are evident and startling.

J. Erdman

April 1, 2003

Letter to President of Coastal Condominiums and W.C.I. Communities


We enjoyed working with you in assisting us in the selecion of various items for our condo.

Your knowledge of projects and color schemes was helpful in our selection process, and we

always were welcomed by your smile and pleasant attitude.

E. and P. Sather

March 13, 2003

Letter to Amy D. Steedley


Thank you so much for all your help and patience during the last several months.  I realize

that you deal with various situations and personalities and you do it graciously and

professionally.  You and  your smiling face have made this entire experience fun and


T. and N. Moran

February 13, 2003

Letter to Amy D. Steedley


We wanted you to know how valuable you were to us this past week.   Your generous allowance of

time enabled us to proceed with the purchase of a residence which had not even been in our

minds the week before!  You went out of your way to accommodate our limited schedule.  Had we

not been able to get knowledgeable advice from you, we would never have bought our new condo.

Please know that you have our appreciation and heartfelt thanks.

C. Williams

September 20, 2002

Letter to Amy D. Steedley